Leaps and Bounds

It’s day 42 of 2011. Awesome.

January wasn’t necessarily the life changing month that I had initially hoped for when I started the 365 project. Many doors were slammed in my face in terms of work and school and life in general. Not that my goals were unrealistically high, but even the lower ones didn’t come to fruition like I wanted.

Then February rolled around.

February generally is supposed to be all about Valentine’s Day and everything that goes along with it. Hearts. The color red. Significant others whom you can fondle in and out of public. But it hasn’t been like that for me at all. I’m not complaining or anything about that aspect. I’m a true believe in the idea that in order to be good for someone else, you need to be good for yourself first. I’m nowhere near being good for myself. Self esteem is low. But it’s picking back up.

You might be wondering why, if not for the idea of being in love, am I so amped about it being February? Well, I’ve got the one thing I’ve been wanted for almost a year now: A job. A good one, too.

I am officially an employee for Bank of America Home Loans. Sweet.

I’m not completely 100% sure of what my job will entail as I don’t start until the 22nd, but regardless, it’s the first and most important step to making sure that The 365 Project actually has a chance of succeeding. You can’t even attempt an amazing year of activities and change if you don’t have the funds to support it. I mean…right?

As far as school is concerned, I’m kind of at a crossroads with that.

It’s not so much a question of whether or not I want to go back, because I do. It’s more of a “when” situation. I originally planned to give myself a fresh start this spring semester. And then…I didn’t. Then I wanted to start during summer intersession, but reading up on the schools I want to transfer to, the classes I need to take I apparently can’t take during intersession. ‘Cause they suck… So I figure that maybe it’s better that I don’t start until the fall. That way I can be properly settled into the new job and not freak myself out…well, at least not too hardcore.

So here’s to the future. May more leaps and bounds into the positive direction come my way and in the direction of the people I love.

Until next time…



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