Monthly Archives: April 2011

Once More With Feeling

It’s April 11th, 2011 — do you know where your blog writing prowess is?

Kinda, clever, right? No? Okay, that’s fine. But the point is it’s been over 2 months since I’ve written anything in this blog. What was supposed to be a day by day chronicle of the “new life” I was attempting to make for myself, became a dormant, less than day-by-day chronicle. Not because nothing interesting wasn’t happening in my life, but because the interesting things weren’t happening often enough. So I decided that maybe I should attack this blog from a new perspective.

Welcome to the new 365 blog. Not exactly daily, but not exactly once a month either. The essence of the blog is still completely in tact for this incarnation, meaning that I will still update you on the crazy things that happen in my life as they occur, but I decided to expand into more that just that. The 365 blog will also play as a sounding board for me. About stuff that interests me, stuff that irritates me, etc etc.

So with that being said, let’s try this again — once more with feeling.